Stop the Starve

What’s Happening To Our Manatees?

Record Manatee Deaths by Boating increased last year

Nutrient Pollution Caused Algal Blooms, Killing Sea Grass causing starvation

High exposure to pollutants from Spraying Chemicals to Treat waterways 

Moving into cold waters to find food causes Fatal Cold Stress Syndrome

What can we do?

Please contact Gov. Ron DeSantis, and Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to request they use Bear Warriors United FDAC’s permit to feed the manatees their natural food sources of Hyacinth and hydrilla.

Office of Governor Ron DeSantis
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001 (850) 717-9337

Use the hashtag #StopTheStarve and help end water pollution to keep our manatees alive.

We need signatures to bring to F.W.C and lobby the decision-makers at the state to show the number of people interested in seeing a true feeding program extended now and for years to come!

Also, to push F.W.C to stop allocating billions to spraying aquatic plants that are a natural part of the Manatee’s Diet and reallocate the funding to mechanically harvest these plants towards the feeding program!

Listen to NPR’s Science Friday podcast about the starving manatees.

Read The New York Times story about the work of feeding the starving manatees

1,070 Manatees Died in 2021.

774 Manatees Died in 2022… So Far.

Instead of spraying Hydrilla with poisons that go into our water, collect it and feed it to our starving manatees. They love it.

Florida Wildlife Commission has sprayed the Hydrilla at Fox Lake Park, causing it to die and sink to the bottom, adding un-wanted nutrients that destroy the water quality there. 

There is still Hydrilla at South Lake. Why won’t FWC harvest it and put it into the Indian River Lagoon for the manatees to eat? It’s easier to spray it to death, but that would further degrade the water quality at South Lake.

It’s harder to harvest it but, perhaps, the money they are spending to remove dead manatees from the IRL, haul their dead bodies away, and either get them necropsied or dump them in the landfill in Cocoa could pay for something positive?