Florida Government Uses Tax Dollars to Poison Manatees

Did you know our government is poisoning manatees and their food❓

( and they’re using our tax dollars to do it❗)

☣1. Our City, County & State Government spend millions of taxpayer dollars every year to spray deadly herbicide on hydrilla & hyacinths- manatees’ favorite food 🌿

☣2. Tuesday, I asked Seminole County Commission FOR THE 3RD TIME to issue a spray moratorium to help manatees.

So far, they refuse to #StopTheSpray,

even though poisoning manatee food is a violation of Section 9 of The Endangered Species Act.

☣3. Wednesday, I followed up my county commission meeting public comment , with an email (see below) and cc’d the FWC and State legislators Representative David Smith and Senator Brodeur.

☣4. Maybe they’ll listen if more people ask❓

Here are their email addresses…

Feel free to email them relentlessly, but politely. THANK YOU!!

Barrett, Sarah • SARAH.BARRETT@myfwc.com

Applegate, A. Bryant • bapplegate@seminolecountyfl.gov

Abel, Joe • jabel@seminolecountyfl.gov

FWC Commissioners • commissioners@myfwc.com

Sutton, Eric • Eric.Sutton@myfwc.com

Eason, Thomas • Thomas.Eason@myfwc.com

Tucker, Melissa • Melissa.Tucker@myfwc.com

Bob Dallari • BDallari@seminolecountyfl.gov

Young, Kendra • kyoung@seminolecountyfl.gov

Zembower, Jay • jzembower@seminolecountyfl.gov

Schafer, Deborah • dschafer@seminolecountyfl.gov

Constantine, Lee • lconstantine@seminolecountyfl.gov

Hardy, Sarah • shardy@seminolecountyfl.gov

Lockhart, Amy • ALockhart@seminolecountyfl.gov

Herr, Andria • aherr@seminolecountyfl.gov

Massari, Diana • dmassari@seminolecountyfl.gov

Ornberg, Kim • kornberg@seminolecountyfl.gov

David Smith • dasmith1776@gmail.com

Brodeur, Jason • brodeur.jason@flsenate.gov

Brodersen, Zack • Brodersen.Zack@flsenate.gov

Myers, Zachary • Zachary.Myers@myfloridahouse.gov

Johnson, Kathy • Kathy.Johnson@myfloridahouse.gov

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