Lake Kissimee Spraying

Credit to Scott Wilson via Facebook

This is exactly why I remain so outspoken and critical of #MyFWC invasive plant management.

I finally get a chance to come use our Kissimmee cottage and do so fishing. This is what I am treated to today.

I’m a decent fisherman, but certainly no camera man.

So there are three Applied Aquatic boats traveling home for the day. Spraying all day in 15mph winds with white caps on Kissimmee. They are traveling way out of their way to run shoreline because it would be way to dangerous to hit open water.

Spraying in wind right on the top of spawn for both bass and specks.

Then they wonder why fisheries recruitment is down 50 % on Lake Kissimmee.

This lake will die if they continue

I cannot go anywhere in florida on a weekday and not run into these eco terrorists.


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